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Marco Polo Network ( was founded in December 2006 in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It is a B2B industry leader brand, positioned to link companies and services, and to create a global leading B2B integrated service ecological platform as its corporate mission.
In June 2011, Marco Polo's daily UV reached 1.2 million, Alexa's global ranking 831, and domestic ranking 120. After deducting industry information traffic, Marco Polo's procurement flow has surpassed HC, becoming China's leading precision procurement search engine.
In November 2011, Marco Polo Network successfully obtained a joint investment from Intel and LG Electronics. Mr. Sun Xiaoguang, Director of Intel China Investment, and Dr. Cui Yuanran, Head of LG Electronics China Representative Office, joined the Marco Polo Network Board. The previous three directors were Mr. Su Jiting, founder of Purchasing Search for Marco Polo, Dr. Xu Xiaonian, a famous economist, and Mr. Liu Tianwen, Chairman of iSoftStone. The joining of Mr. Sun Xiaoguang and Dr. Cui Yuanran will help improve the comprehensive strength of Marco Polo Network. With its deep industry background, rich management experience, extensive network resources and strong capital operation capabilities, the development of Marco Polo Network is further accelerated.
In September 2014, Tencent Department of South China City Holdings Co., Ltd. and Marco Polo signed an investment cooperation agreement, becoming a strategic investor in Marco Polo. South China City Holdings Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trade and logistics company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is a leader in the planning, construction and operation of a large-scale comprehensive trade and logistics center in China. It is committed to the development and construction of a modern comprehensive trade integrating multiple industries. Logistics base. Around the time when Tencent invested in Marco Polo Network in South China City, it increased capital in South China City twice. "Tencent-South China City-Marco Polo Network" strategic alliance was formally established. The three parties will cooperate on supply chain management, financial services, mobile business opportunities and other aspects around corporate needs to jointly build China's leading SME O2O ecosystem.
In 2015, according to Analysys International's "2015 China Electronic Commerce B2B Market Annual Comprehensive Report", in 2014, Marco Polo's SKU (number of saleable goods) in the B2B field was 680 million, exceeding the Alibaba B2B website's 230 million SKUs and 50 million SKUs of The number of daily active users posted on Marco Polo's website is 800,000, which exceeds the number of daily active users posted by Alibaba in the same field of 300,000, and the number of daily active users posted by HC Networks is 100,000. The report shows that Marco Polo has become China's leading B2B website for SMEs.
In 2016, Marco Polo Network has been in the B2B field for 10 years. In cooperation with Baidu, Google and other general search giants, it has adhered to a rich and diversified product line and provided e-commerce and supply chain finance and financial loans to tens of millions of SME owners in China. , Financial reporting, marketing and promotion, etc. China's e-commerce B2B market has evolved from the 1.0 information age and 2.0 matchmaking transaction era to the "three-dimensional" service 3.0 era with big data as its core. In the face of a volatile new industry environment and new capital business opportunities that have been surging, it has been a decade. Sword's Marco Polo Network also ushered in a new strategic deployment and business transformation: from a global precision procurement search engine expert to a B2B industry leader linking companies and services; from the construction of a procurement search platform, transforming into an e-commerce and supply The integrated three-dimensional services of the B2B entire industry chain, such as chain finance, financial services, financial and tax insurance, and business communication, build a smart big data B2B ecological service platform built on China's leading B2B database.
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