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success case
  • Qingyun Xintailong Machine Tool Accessory Factory
    Message from the person in charge: Like many colleagues, at that time, I did not expect how many business opportunities the Internet could bring, but just held a try attitude. In 2011, with the help of Marco Polo, I set up a corporate website and began to try Internet marketing. Gradually, some customers contacted me actively through Marco Polo. Although not much business was reached, an idea has begun to grow in my heart: the Internet really has such a great effect! I have a principle for doing things, that is, I have not read the guidelines, once I have checked the things, I will insist on doing them, and I must do a good job. So after a thorough discussion with Marco Polo's business consultants, I accepted their advice and used Marco Polo's precise advertising service. Soon after the advertisement was launched, the traffic on our website surged, and finally we successfully reached a supply order with a number of machine tool buyers. Marco Polo has really achieved not only the attention of customers, but also the high conversion rate to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.
  • Jiangsu Hanweisi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: I am very interested in e-commerce, and have been studying it since 2007. After many comparisons, I eventually joined a paid member of Marco Polo, and I did it for 3 years. I chose Marco Polo because I feel that this website is more professional than other websites in terms of brand awareness, page setup, and after-sales service. It turns out that my choice was right. Thanks to Marco Polo's "pay-as-you-go" east wind, Hanweis' sales path in recent years has gone smoothly and smoothly. Many of my customers now come from Marco Polo. Every day we receive a lot of buyer inquiries, and the quality of our customers is very high. Until now, my business has been booming, all thanks to Marco Polo.
  • Fuzhou Haisheng International Trade Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: I am the boss of Hai Sheng. It's no accident that I met Marco Polo. Many of my friends who are in the purchasing industry have recommended it to me, but I have n’t been too cold about e-commerce, because my business has gone smoothly without the help of the Internet. However, due to the impact of the economic crisis in 2008, the business shrank drastically. Later, I heard Marco Polo's foreign trade communication from a magazine introduction, which made me pay attention to e-commerce and reignited Marco Polo. Now with the help of Foreign Trade Link, my monthly income has exceeded 1.5 million yuan. The five trump services of Foreign Trade Link have completely subverted my understanding of e-commerce. Looking forward to a new level in 2011, with a target of 2.8 million, let's work together. In addition, many of my classmates are now learning to do foreign trade, so I naturally recommend that they use foreign trade.
  • Hejian Jiamei Sealing Material Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: I 've been doing it for almost a year. I often receive customer inquiries and phone information. Although the order is not very large, I can't remember how many orders have been made. I believe that Marco Polo orders this product, and also believes that Marco Polo wants to continue to grow bigger and better, so we will make better use of the Marco Polo platform and will continue to cooperate with it. I will definitely recommend such a good product to my friends and customers. It has changed our concept of focusing only on production, broadened our market thinking, and allowed us to better grasp market demand.
  • Xushui County Rongbang Mould Factory
    Message from the person in charge: In 2008, we also had a mentality of trying, and invested a few thousand dollars in Marco Polo, very very little. Anyway, just a few thousand dollars, try it. Because the characteristics of our industry are actually more suitable to use search engines to market themselves. Everything later confirmed my thoughts. In the past, our phones didn't ring very much, but after doing Marco Polo, I found that the number of calls slowly increased. In the past, the traditional method had an annual sales of about 700,000. By this new method, I can reach 6 million sales per year, and the performance has nearly doubled in less than 3 years. I think this investment is a long-term one. Sometimes this month's investment may produce results next month or even next month. The key is to persevere and be sure to succeed.
  • Beijing Jinyi Schneier Trading Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: When I first met Marco Polo, I felt that the model of "paying by effect, not money without effect" was very attractive. Because the traffic of many e-commerce sites is very large, it is not all effective traffic. Marco Polo's user base is mainly limited to buyers and suppliers, limiting a large number of unnecessary traffic clicks for customers, which is more economical and effective than Alibaba's annual service. I made a rough count, and now 40% of the company's customers are from Marco Polo, and on average, we can receive five or six orders in a month, and all of them are no small orders. This month there was an order of 500,000 from Xinjiang, and the largest one so far this year was from Chongqing, which is still under negotiation. Thank you so much Marco Polo.
  • Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: When I first entered the website, all the surprises came to me: clear page layout, atmospheric yellow page pictures, accurate search results ... I felt good at that time, apply for a free account immediately, and start to experience it . During this period, the enquiries and sales did not become my final focus, but the professional services of sales and customer service made me remember. I'm not familiar with computer operation. Marco Polo's customer service and sales staff took the trouble to call me and explain them one by one, sometimes the same step will be explained several times. It takes a lot of time to calculate, I have a little Sorry. Later, they simply covered some of my online operations. In addition, sales will send me purchasing information in the form of SMS and remind me of product adjustments and advertising changes. Sure enough, I received some orders because of active communication. After tasting the sweetness, at the end of June this year, I really put into action and joined the ranks of paying members, with a target of 2 million in the second half of the year.
  • Cangzhou Hengtong Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Message from the responsible person: In fact, when we first came into contact with Internet marketing, we could not avoid taking some detours. At first, customers only knew about products by using pictures and text on the Internet. Before they saw the actual products, they had some concerns. In the beginning, in order to open up the market, as long as I received an intentional call, the company would send samples to each customer, or directly let the salesperson bring the samples to interview the customers. Regardless of the final success, a stark reality is that the cost is huge. Later, in order to save manpower and material resources, we started to choose some well-known comprehensive websites for optimization and promotion, but the sales were still not ideal. At that time, I was thinking, is there a platform that has a large number of page views, and is very specific and professional? Later, I learned from the TV that Marco Polo is a website with an average daily number of millions of page views. The information exposure rate is very large, and it is only in the field of procurement. I immediately launched a Marco Polo advertisement of 9800 yuan-now, it is all customer initiative Call to order products, we are really "sit" business!
  • Shanghai Tongji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: I met Marco Polo very accidentally. One day I went to a friend's company and heard that Marco Polo is the largest procurement search engine in China. Therefore, I recommended it to my friends. A new world. One of the most intuitive changes: Since using Marco Polo, I have hired a few little girls to answer the customer's consultation call, and can't stop from morning to night. Marco Polo is becoming a marketing habit for our company. At the same time, the background system provided by Marco Polo also allows us to see at a glance the distribution of customers, the number of clicks, the price of keywords, and the amount of consumption, which is truly effective, convenient and flexible.
  • Beijing Yixiangsheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
    Message from the person in charge: We Yixiangsheng have promoted on many platforms, but in the end there are only a handful of effective ones. In 2011, the effect of Alibaba was getting worse and worse, and the promotion of search engines such as Baidu became more and more expensive. In the end, only Marco Polo Network made me really feel the price / performance ratio. Now with the help of Marco Polo, my monthly income has exceeded 900,000 yuan, and I look forward to a higher level this year. This is not only because of the order received through Marco Polo, but also because Marco Polo is different from general e-commerce platforms. It aims to assist customers in their success. In addition to providing basic e-commerce promotion, more professionals also perform network maintenance and optimization for customers. In my opinion, if a company has not done network marketing till now, it is not an opportunity that it misses, but an era. On the contrary, if a company chooses the right online marketing platform, it will also win epoch-making achievements. When doing online promotion, I trust Marco Polo.
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