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Welcome to Marco Polo! We use this << Privacy Statement >> to declare our promise to protect the privacy of our visitors. The following text discloses the information collection and use of my website The privacy statement of this site is constantly being improved. With the expansion of the service scope of our station, we will update our privacy statement at any time. We welcome you to review this statement at any time. Please send your feedback to .

When agreeing to the Marco Polo Services Agreement (the "Agreement"), we have agreed to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement. All the terms of this privacy statement are part of the agreement.

user name and password

When you intend to register as a member, we ask you to choose a username and password, and provide a password prompt question and answer so that we can confirm your identity after you lose your password. You can only use your account with your password. If you disclose your password, you may lose your personally identifiable information and may lead to judicial actions against you. Therefore, no matter what the reason for your password security, please contact us in time via .

registration message

When you register as a member, we ask you to fill out a registration form. The registration form requires you to provide your real name, address, nationality, phone number, and email address. You also need to provide your company's address, phone number, and a short description of your company's services and products. You can optionally fill in additional information. This information may include your company's province and city, time zone and zip code, fax number, home page, and your job title. We use registration information to obtain member statistics. We will use these statistics to classify our members, such as age, industry and country, in order to provide new services and opportunities to our members in a targeted manner. We will notify you of these new services and opportunities through your email address.

credit card

Some of our services may require payment in the future. At that time we may need to obtain your credit card information reasonably.
We will track your IP address when you conduct transactions. This is done for security reasons and to comply with national regulations. If no security issues are found, we will delete the IP addresses we collected after sixty days. We also track page visit data throughout the day to reflect website traffic and to plan for our future growth (for example, adding servers).


We will conduct comprehensive statistics on personally identifiable data, and disclose this comprehensive statistics to advertisers for sales and reward needs.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to make our website more user-friendly. It can save you the trouble of repeatedly entering registration information and tracking your browser to use our services.

Third party

Our website publishes business opportunities and quotes submitted by users, while other users can query these quotes and business opportunities. We will not provide, sell, rent, share and trade user's personal information to any third party, unless the third party and Marco Polo together provide services to the website and members and will be barred from access after the service ends, including those previously accessible All this information. We will disclose your information in good faith when we are provided by law or as required by the government.

Storage and exchange of information

User information and data are collected and stored on our servers.

external link

This site contains links to other websites. Marco Polo is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites. We may add business partners or co-branded websites whenever necessary, but the information provided to them will only be comprehensive information, and we will not disclose your identity.

Public transaction information

The information or quotes for the items you provide for trading will be displayed in public areas and will be public to any user. Please note that all information disclosed in these places will become public information, and please consider it carefully before deciding to release your personal information.


Our website has appropriate security measures in place to ensure that the information we have is not lost, misused or fabricated. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and encrypting user passwords. Despite these security measures, please note that there are no "perfect security measures" on the Internet.

contact us
If you have any comments and suggestions about this privacy statement or Marco Polo's privacy protection measures and your problems in use, please contact us:

Special considerations for minors

If you are under the age of 18, you do not have the right to use company services, so we want you not to provide us with any personal information. If you are under 18 years of age, you can only use company services if you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.