Help center

Why verify the mailbox?
In order to allow you to successfully retrieve your password through your mailbox, and at the same time allow you to receive the business opportunity information of your subscription in a timely manner, affecting your missed business opportunities.

Why improve corporate information?
Completely filling in the real business details will help more buyers pay more attention and trust to your business.

Is it safe to fill in a mobile number when registering?
Filling in the correct mobile phone number is to facilitate other merchants to contact you in a timely manner. Marco Polo guarantees that your mobile phone number will not be used for other purposes.

Why can't registered usernames be accepted?
(1) Before you, other members have already registered this username;
(2) Your username contains underscores or other special characters;
(3) Your username is too long or too short.

Can the login name be changed?
Once the login username is registered, it cannot be modified.

How to set the password to be safe?
Password is an important key for your online trade in Marco Polo, please remember your member login name and password.
Set secure password rules:
(1) Password length is 6 to 20 characters;
(2) Use a combination of English letters and numbers, such as wujin888, 666huagong, etc., try not to be regular.

What should I do if I don't see the verification code when registering?
Please try refreshing the page first, and click Replace Verification Code.
If you still cannot see the verification code after refreshing, it is possible that your Internet Explorer has not enabled "Active Scripting" or the security level is set too high, you can proceed as follows: Click "Tools"-"Internet Options"-"Security"- "Default level" — "OK". Please also delete the temporary files on your computer (the processing method of IE 6.0 version is as follows):
(1) Open the browser and click the "Tools" menu to open the "INTERNET Options" dialog box;
(2) Click the "General" tab, select "Delete Cookies", and then click OK in the pop-up dialog box; then click "Delete Files", check the box before deleting all offline content, and then press OK;
(3) Click the "Security" tab, and click the "Default level" in the lower right corner. If it is a gray button that cannot be pressed, skip this step. Click the "Privacy" tab and select "Default" in the lower right corner. If it is a gray, non-pressable button, skip this step. Click "Advanced" and select "Override automatic cookie handling" on the pop-up page. Select "Accept" for the first-party and third-party cookies below, then click "OK";
(4) Click the "Advanced" tab, then select the "Restore Default Settings" button in the lower right corner, and then click the "OK" button at the bottom; close all browsers, then open and re-enter Marco Polo to see if the problem has already solve.

What is Order Connect?
Order Connect is Marco Polo's first e-commerce precise advertising marketing model based on a multi-dimensional precise search system. Through the order link, suppliers can freely set prices for each bid keyword (ie, "bid position"), and only pay for the prospective customers they bring, and truly pay for results.

How can I purchase order promotion services such as Order Pass?
As the online payment platform has not yet been opened, please contact customer service first; customer service phone: 400-650-1997.

Attachment: Marco Polo Supply and Marketing Information Publishing Rules
"Your Materials" and any "items" you provide for trading on the Marco Polo website (generally refers to all legally tangible, intangible or intangible items in a variety of forms, or a right Or interest, or a note or security, or a service or behavior).
(1) No fraudulent element is allowed and has nothing to do with the sale of counterfeit or theft;
(2) It is not allowed to infringe any third party's property rights to the item, or copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, or the right to privacy and reputation;
(3) Not allowed to violate any laws, rules, regulations or rules (including but not limited to laws, rules, regulations or rules on regulating export management, trade quotas, protecting consumers, unfair competition or false advertising);
(4) Content containing defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal intimidation or illegal harassment is not allowed;
(5) It is not allowed to contain obscenity or contain any child pornographic content;
(6) It is not allowed to contain any virus, intentional destruction, malicious interference, secret interception or invasion of any system, data or personal data, camouflage damage program, computer worm, timer bomb or other computer programs;
(7) Special characters other than ", () ./*# ;: | + &% ~ _ [] '`! =?> <$ ^ Are not allowed.

1. Why can't my bank card pay online?
Please make sure that your bank card is enabled for online banking and that your card balance is greater than the amount you want to pay.

2. Why did I pay successfully? I still haven't paid in the "Successful payment" system?
1) First, please refresh the online payment page to confirm whether it is indeed unpaid, which may be caused by the delay of the bank's return of payment results
2) If the status of the online payment page is indeed unpaid, it is likely that the payment failed due to a network problem or system failure. You can contact customer service 400 601 5800 or QQ consultation 2377498971

3. Can I get a refund after the order is successfully paid?
Sorry, refund is not supported after successful order payment

4. Can I get a refund after I accidentally place an order with another person's account and pay?
Sorry, the operation cannot be rolled back because the payment has been successful

5. How long does it take for online banking payment to take effect?
It takes effect in real time under normal circumstances. If there is a delay due to network problems, it will take effect within 24 hours.