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Building materials and decorative materials [33 small categories]

Refers to materials used in building construction, civil engineering, and decoration. Mainly include: sand, stone, cement, construction steel, construction plastic, wood, ceramics, glass, insulation materials, waterproof materials, decorative materials, kitchen and bathroom, pipe fittings, garden municipal materials, structural parts, prefabricated parts, etc.

Construction steel, non-ferrous building materials
Rebar construction general round steel wire rod steel wire and steel strand steel plate and steel strip steel construction non-ferrous metal grid plate / steel grid plate / grid plate steel formwork / formwork net metal wall decoration material
Pipes and fittings
Plastic pipe, ceramic pipe, stainless steel pipe, composite pipe fittings, rubber pipe, glass pipe, cast iron pipe and fittings, copper and copper alloy pipes, plumbing, sanitary hardware
Flat glass float glass decorative glass glass mosaic building energy-saving glass special special glass fiberglass and products
Ceramic tile
Ceramic plate ceramic floor tile mosaic / ceramic mosaic tile microcrystalline glass ceramic exterior wall tile glazed interior wall tile / porcelain tile
Metal structure
Metal Grid , Metal Pillar, Bracket, Crossing , Railing , House Structure, Electricity / Communication Tower, Metal Structure Frame
Structural plate, partition
Sheets for partition walls
Construction materials
Scaffolding step by step construction site mesh and screen fastener closing net construction fence scaffolding special ladder other construction materials
Geomembrane, geonet, geogrid, woven geotextile, non-woven geotextile, geomembrane bag, geocell, geogrid, waterproof material, drainage material, thermal insulation material, composite geomaterial
Thermal insulation material
PS foam plastics and products glass wool products rock wool products cork products expanded perlite products expanded vermiculite products polyurethane foam and products PE foam and products PVC foam and products phenolic foam and products
waterproof material
Asphalt cold base oil, asphalt, horseshoe fat, linoleum, waterproof coating, asphalt additive, waterproofing agent, leak-proof material, improved asphalt waterproofing membrane, rubber waterproofing membrane, shaped waterproof sealing material, unshaped waterproof sealing material, other waterproof materials
Fire-resistant refractory
Refractory brick fireproof coating fireproof glass fire door unshaped refractory cable fireproof material diatomite refractory building fireproof material
Corrosion-resistant and radiation-proof material
Cast stone products, acid-resistant ceramic products, radiation-resistant materials, building anticorrosive coatings, other building corrosion-resistant materials
Cement and concrete
Cement concrete mortar aggregate mineral admixture grouting material cement concrete admixture
Natural marble natural granite artificial marble artificial stone building terrazzo ceramsite / artificial sandstone / blue bar slate / slate gravel / pebble other stone
Sand, ash, plaster
Sand quicklime slaked lime hydrated lime gypsum
Brick, tile, block
Clay bricksNon -clay bricks
Wood and bamboo
Raw timber structure timber wood board bamboo board wood bamboo flooring special wood wood, plastic wall decoration materials veneer other wood materials
Rubber, plastic and fiber composite building materials
Solar panel / lighting panel acrylic / plexiglass and products fiber composite materials calcium plastic material products glass steel construction products construction rubber materials
Decoration materials
Wallpaper / wall cloth / wall sticker wall coating floor decoration material ceiling decoration material stone wall decoration material glass wall decoration material gypsum wall decoration material ceramic interior wall tile ceramic mosaic tile ceramic character / ceramic painting decorative line board curtain wall
Architectural Coatings
Putty wall coatings , floor coatings, waterproof coatings, fireproof coatings, thermal insulation coatings, architectural paints, architectural anticorrosive coatings, coating emulsions, architectural coatings, water-based additives, mildew (algae) coatings, and other architectural coatings
Construction adhesive
Special adhesives for common adhesivesOther construction adhesives
Protection, municipal facilities
Guardrail and railing protection net
Plumbing, sanitary, sanitary ware
Fittings Sink Bathtub Washbasin / Washbasin Toilet Bathroom Sanitary Water Tank Washer Sink Urinal Squat Pan Tester Bidet / Washer Shower Room Bathroom Cabinet Plumbing Bathroom Hardware Fittings
LED lamps, indoor lamps, outdoor lamps, professional lamps, flashlights, ethnic and holiday lighting
Kitchen, cupboard
Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets / Closets Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets Panels Cabinets Hardware Other Kitchen Facilities
Doors and windows, stairs
Doors and Windows Doors and Windows Hardware Stairs Stairs Handrails and Accessories
Venue, outdoor materials
Sports Ground Artificial Turf Plastic Wood Material Floor Coating Stand Seat Slope Protection Tile Paving Stone Paving Tile / Paving Tile Drain Board Grass Plant Stadium Facilities Landscape Stone Art Floor
Prefabricated building
Event Newsstand Event Bathroom Wooden House Wooden Villa Mobile Room Letter Box Sun Room / Balcony Awning Other Prefabricated Buildings
Garden flowers
Grass flower bonsai bulb flower flower / fresh cut flower flower seed seedling indoor leaf plant indoor flower plant indoor fruit plant other garden flower
Green seedlings
Arbor shrub fruit tree bamboo plant climbing plant palm plant lawn / turf other green seedling
Garden facilities
Sanitation facilities, shade facilities, garden tables and chairs, gardens and sculptures, rockery, plastic stone simulation landscape, landscape wall, landscape wall, tensioned membrane tree pond, flower pond planting container
Landscape water body
Fountain equipment fountain nozzle atomizing bonsai water curtain equipment water spray sculpture waterwheel dock miniature fountain, bonsai
Ancient building materials
Ancient building wood ancient building brick ancient building tile ancient building garden ceramic color painting ancient building paint ancient building ceramic