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Industry-specific equipment [47 small categories]

Refers to production, processing or service equipment specifically used in an industry. Mainly includes engineering, agriculture, mining, food, cooking, textile and clothing, footwear, woodworking, paper, plastic, rubber, chemical, metallurgical and other manufacturing industry special machinery, and medical, financial, catering and other service industry special equipment

Construction machinery
Crane machinery, earthmoving machinery, piling machinery, pavement machinery, concrete machinery, decoration machinery, compaction machinery, aerial work machinery, construction engineering machinery parts, reinforcing steel processing and prestressing machinery, special construction machinery for power transmission and transformation
Building materials machinery
Cement machinery, cement products machinery, glass machinery, glass fiber machinery, stone machinery, door and window processing machinery, building materials, machinery accessories, building materials testing instruments, refractory equipment, building materials products, forming machinery, other building materials machinery
Metallurgical machinery
Ironmaking equipment Steelmaking equipment Coking machinery Agglomeration equipment Mixing equipment Smelting rolling machinery parts Refractory equipment Equipment Metal rolling equipment Other smelting rolling machinery
mining machine
Construction equipment, mining equipment, loading and unloading, conveying equipment, washing equipment, roasting equipment, crushing equipment, crusher screening equipment, rescue cabin, mining machinery accessories, other mining machinery
Oil drilling machinery
Derrick base pumping unit oil rig blowout preventer fracturing acidification equipment cement head wellhead device water injection equipment workover equipment drilling workover tool oil production equipment oil logging equipment petroleum drilling and production machinery accessories
Special equipment for geological exploration
Geological drilling machine laboratory sample preparation equipment Geological exploration and seismic instrument special exploration equipment Other geological special machinery
plastic robot
Injection molding machine, blow molding machine, compression molding machine, calender, extruder, plastic compound machine, plastic thermoforming machine / blister machine, plastic kneader, plastic mixer, plastic weaving machine, plastic bag making machine, plastic welding machine, plastic pelletizer
Rubber machinery
Vulcanizer rubber granulator rubber mixer mixer rubber opener rubber cutting machine rubber extruder rubber cutting machine rubber joint machine rubber bag making machine tire production machinery vulcanizer hose production machinery tape production machinery
Electrical equipment manufacturing equipment
Motor special equipment Wire and cable special equipment Transmission and transformation special engineering machinery Lighting equipment Mechanical dry battery manufacturing equipment Insulation material equipment Electrician special machinery accessories Other electrician special equipment
Electronic product manufacturing equipment
Crimping machine Bonding machine Gluing / coating / dispensing machine Whole machine assembly equipment Electronic special equipment accessories Electronic component production machinery Other electronic special equipment
Chemical Equipment
Storage tank reaction equipment, heat transfer equipment, mass transfer equipment, petrochemical furnace mixer, chemical mixing equipment, petrochemical equipment accessories, other petrochemical equipment
Daily Chemical Machinery
Synthetic detergent production equipment Soap / toothpaste manufacturing machinery Flavor / fragrance manufacturing machinery Cosmetics production equipment Daily chemical machinery parts Other daily chemical machinery
Clothing machinery
Preparing machinery Cutting machinery Ironing machinery Bonding machine Sewing machinery Clothing machinery Washing and drying machinery Down processing equipment Clothing machinery accessories Other clothing machinery
Textile machinery
Weaving machine, knitting machine, weaving machine, non-woven machine, special loom, dyeing and finishing machine , rope making machine, winding and twisting, mechanized fiber, general mechanized fiber, complete machinery, spinning machine , netting machine, warp preparation machine, textile machine parts
Fur, tanning machinery
Slotted Rotary Cage Drum Stitching Machine Fluffing Machine Scalding Machine Needle Shearing Machine Grinding Machine Dust Remover Finishing Machine Polishing Machine Bottom Leather Rolling Machine Ironing Machine Embossing Machine Dyeing Machine Cutting Machine Punching Machine Sheeter
Shoemaking machinery
Eyelet machine Lasting machine Back- bonding machine Styling machine Stitching machine Baotou machine Nailing machine Inner line machine, Outside line machine, Trimming machine Molding machine Pressing machine Engraving machine Gluing machine, Brushing mechanism Shoe folding machine Injection pressure Shoe equipment
Food production machinery
Beverage machinery Dairy machinery Small food processing machinery Pastry processing machinery Condiment machinery Candy processing machinery Cold beverage processing machinery Slaughter processing machinery Drying machinery Filtering and screening equipment Disinfection and sterilization equipment Food packaging machinery
Food and cooking machinery
Cooking machinery, kitchen equipment, cleaning and disinfection equipment, food machinery parts, noodle processing machinery, vegetable processing machinery, meat processing machinery, other food processing machinery
Agricultural machinery
Tractor cultivating and preparing machinery Planting Fertilizing machinery Field management machinery Plant protection machinery Harvesting machinery Post-receiving treatment machinery Drainage irrigation sprinkler irrigation machinery facilities Agricultural equipment
Agricultural Products Primary Processing Machinery
Rice milling machinery, milling and refining machinery, oil pressing machinery, cotton processing machinery, fruit and vegetable processing machinery, tea processing machinery, straw coal forming / briquetting machine, agricultural product preliminary processing machinery parts, other agricultural product preliminary processing machinery
Feed processing machinery
Crushing equipment Mixing equipment Packaging equipment Complete equipment Receiving and cleaning equipment Feed ingredients equipment Feed processing machinery accessories Fishery feed machinery Other feed processing machinery
Livestock breeding machinery
Forage harvesting machinery Poultry incubators and brooders Poultry and livestock breeding machinery Livestock and poultry breeding and breeding machinery Livestock and poultry product collection machinery Silkworm and beekeeping equipment Livestock breeding machinery accessories Other livestock and poultry breeding machinery
Forestry machinery
Seed MachineryForestry Nursery MachineryAfforestation MachineryFostering and Fertilizing MachineryPlant Protection MachineryFalling MachineryWinding MachineWood Peeling MachineGrabber Forest Fire Prevention FacilitiesForestry Machinery Fittings
Wood processing machinery
Wood slicer pre-pressing machine, cold pressing machine , hot pressing machine, wood forming equipment, veneer machine, edge banding machine, edging machine, sander, sizing equipment, drying machine, barrel making machine, coating machine, softwood processing machine, wood grinding device
Woodworking machine
Woodworking sawing machine Woodworking planer Woodworking milling machine Woodworking drilling machine Woodworking lathe Woodworking auxiliary machine Woodworking portable machine Woodworking sports car Woodworking polishing machine Woodworking combined machine Woodworking tenon slot machine Woodworking joining / assembly and coating machine
Pulp and paper machinery
Pulping machinery, papermaking machinery, finishing, mechanical paper processing machinery, pulping and paper testing equipment, pulping and papermaking machinery accessories, other pulping and papermaking machinery
printing machine
Pre-press equipment, printing equipment, printing detection equipment, post- press and supporting equipment, printing machinery accessories
Energy saving and environmental protection equipment
Energy-saving equipment Waste treatment equipment Noise control device Sewage treatment equipment Raw water treatment equipment Air pollution treatment device Other energy-saving environmental protection equipment
Special equipment for auto insurance and maintenance
Foam machine Inflator Tire repairing machine Lifting machine Car paint machine Disassembly and assembly Mobile balancing machine Car detection line Polishing and waxing machine Four wheel locator Pumping unit, oil receiver fault diagnosis instrument / code reader
Hardware manufacturing equipment
Zipper mechanism lock mechanical key mechanical nail making machine / needle making machine other small hardware machinery
Finance and business equipment
Ironing machinery cleaning equipment washing and drying machinery hotel restaurant equipment kitchen equipment shopping mall supermarket equipment cooking, food processing machinery cold drink processing machinery financial industry equipment beauty salon equipment
Fishing machinery
Net-making machinery Rope-making machinery Water treatment machinery Dredging pond dredging machinery Auxiliary machinery Fishing- netting machinery Fishery feed machinery Aquatic products processing machinery Fishery machinery accessories Other breeding machinery Other fishery machinery
Enamel products production equipment
Enamel production line Enamel glazing equipment Enamel blank making equipment Enamel firing equipment Enamel products production equipment accessories Other enamel products production equipment
Ceramic processing machinery
Furnace magnetic separator, mud trainer, forming machine, decoration machine, drying machine, green body finishing machine, other ceramic processing machine
Pharmaceutical machinery
Crushing equipment, pulverizer agent machinery and equipment, decoction pieces machinery, pharmaceutical water vapor equipment, drug testing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery parts, other pharmaceutical machinery
Medical equipment and supplies
Surgical instruments disinfection appliances supplies disinfection and sterilization equipment general diagnostic equipment clinical inspection instruments medical laboratory and basic equipment surgery / first aid / diagnosis room equipment sanitary materials and dressing ward nursing equipment cold treatment / low temperature / refrigeration equipment
Veterinary instruments
Diagnosis and prevention equipment Surgical anatomical equipment Eye / tooth / cranial / hoof equipment Obstetric and castration equipment Cold precision artificial breeding equipment Veterinary special equipment Other veterinary equipment
Other manufacturing equipment
Bamboo materials, glass products, machinery, optical disks, disk equipment, home appliances, manufacturing equipment, coating production equipment, optical processing machinery, graphite chemical equipment, computer digital product manufacturing equipment
Teaching and library equipment
Podium board eraser magnetic board chalk blackboard pointer library equipment desk chairs cafeteria tables and chairs audio-visual equipment electronic whiteboard general whiteboard subject dedicated teaching equipment other teaching equipment
Public safety equipment and equipment
Fire protection equipment Fire protection explosion-proof special tools Diving and underwater salvage equipment Security monitoring system Security inspection Explosion-proof equipment Police equipment and equipment Road traffic management facilities Natural disaster protection products
Advertising, media equipment
Stage equipment, microphone equipment, audio recording equipment, editing production equipment, printing equipment, miniature equipment, movie equipment, photography equipment / studio equipment, advertising exhibition equipment, other advertising media equipment
Amusement / Amusement Facilities
Car-type amusement equipment Water amusement equipment Ground amusement equipment Airborne amusement equipment Other amusement equipment
Municipal sanitation garden machinery
Municipal machinery, sanitation machinery, garden machinery, garbage disposal equipment, other municipal sanitation, garden machinery
Special machinery for water resources
Dredging machinery Water conservancy special machinery Tap water production equipment Raw water treatment equipment Sewage treatment equipment Other water resources equipment
Railway line machinery
Lifting rail machinery rail repair machinery engineering safety protection equipment rail travel shipping machinery rail welding equipment
Postal machinery and equipment
Mailboxes , letter boxes, delivery boxes, sorters, stampers, mailers, billing machines, other postal equipment