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Electrical and energy equipment [14 categories]

Refers to electrical equipment and energy equipment that produce and transmit electricity. Including: generators, generator sets, transformers, transformers and other power transmission and transformation equipment, electrical equipment, high-voltage, low-voltage electrical appliances, lightning protection equipment, power electronic devices, electric motors and other electrical equipment. And solar, wind and other energy equipment.

Generators and generator sets
Mobile power station diesel generator set gasoline generator set gas generator set hydro generator set wind turbine set solar generator set generator parts other generators and generator sets
electric motor
DC Motor Micro Motor Asynchronous Motor / Induction Motor Synchronous Motor AC / DC Motor Low Power Motor Motor Accessories Brush Explosion-proof Motor Stepper Motor Ultrasonic Motor Motor Protector
Transmission and distribution equipment
Power Transformer Special Transformer Voltage Transformer Current Transformer Combination Transformer Power Capacitor Intelligent Power Capacitor Power Reactor Power Transmission and Transformation Special Construction Machinery Other Transmission and Distribution Equipment Bridge
Power supply unit
High-voltage power supply Emergency power supply / EPS uninterruptible power supply / UPS inverter power supply Inverter power supply Linear power supply Switching power supply Triac power supply module Power supply stabilized power supply Stable current supply Power supply
Electrical equipment
Power distribution device box-type substation reactive power compensation device electrical equipment operating platform integrated automation device relay protection equipment other electrical complete equipment power supply screen electrical equipment accessories and other
Electrical instrumentation
Multimeter shake meter clamp meter bridge resistance box galvanometer electric energy meter potentiometer voltage measurement instrument parameter test instrument frequency measurement instrument magnetic instrument current measurement instrument resistance measurement instrument power measurement instrument
High-voltage electrical
High voltage circuit breaker isolation switch high voltage load switch high voltage ground switch high voltage fuse high voltage contactor other high voltage electrical appliances
Low-voltage appliances
Contactor release, governor, resistor, varistor, starter, electromagnet, air switch control device, low voltage fuse, low voltage circuit breaker, leakage protector, knife switch / knife switch, switch / combination switch
Power electronics
Power semiconductor devices, power semiconductor modules and components, power integrated devices
New energy equipment
Solar energy equipment, wind energy equipment, straw coal forming / briquetting machine
Gas equipment
Vaporizer burner gas regulator gas generator industrial gas stove industrial gas alarm gas station equipment gas pressure regulator box / cabinet other gas equipment
Lightning protection equipment
Lightning rod, lightning rod, lightning arrester, lightning protection box, grounding device, surge suppressor, other lightning protection equipment
Energy-saving equipment
Coal-saving equipment Water-saving equipment Power-saving equipment Fuel-saving equipment Other energy-saving equipment
Biogas equipment
Biogas stove, biogas lamp, biogas tank / anaerobic fermentation tank, biogas water heater, gas storage device, biogas desulfurizer