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Transportation [12 small categories]

Refers to equipment used in railway, highway, waterway and air transportation, as well as transportation management equipment. Including: motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, electric vehicles, road traffic management facilities, parking lot equipment, gas station equipment, track and railway line machinery, and ships, port and airport special equipment.

Motor vehicle
Trucks, buses, trams, motorcycles, cars, passenger cars, electric cars, tractors, tractor trailers, trailers, special vehicles, special vehicles, and other motor vehicles
Electric car
Electric car electric bicycle / electric motorcycle electric tricycle electric scooter battery car / electric sightseeing car golf cart
non-motor vehicle
Bicycle Tricycle Electric Bicycle / Electric Motorcycle Electric Tricycle Animal Power Trolley Wheelchair Wheelchair / Wheelchair Other Non-Motor Vehicle
Non-motor vehicle accessories
Frame axle saddle brake handle chain pedal pedal brake / brake rim / rim sprocket and crank flywheel reflector shock absorber bicycle light speed turn handlebar non-motor vehicle tire wheel hub
Gas station equipment
Refueling machine, refueling gun, oil tank, oil tank, oil funnel, refueling pipe, oil and gas recovery equipment, flow meter, flow meter, other gas station equipment
Parking equipment
Parking Lock / Ground Lock Barrier / Car Block Reader / Card Issuer / Ticket Box Smart Truck License Plate Recognition Camera Intelligent Parking Management System Mechanical Parking Equipment Vehicle Detector Anti-collision Facilities Other Parking Management Equipment
Road traffic management facilities
Roadblocks, road cones, nails, traffic lights, fixed traffic signs, variable traffic signs, reflective materials, anti-collision facilities, safety convex mirrors, protective nets, traffic command equipment, road deceleration equipment, vehicle detectors, and alcohol detectors
Track railway line machinery
Lifting rail machinery rail repair machinery rail welding equipment rail travel shipping machinery engineering safety protection equipment
Port handling machinery
Port cranes, ship loaders, ship unloaders, lift hangars, machinery, cabins, machinery, container handling machinery, port rigging, other port handling machinery
Ship and waterway equipment
Ship deck machinery, deck equipment, cabin equipment, rudder equipment, mast equipment, beacon equipment, ship environmental protection equipment, loading equipment, towing equipment, lifesaving equipment, marine engine parts, marine hardware accessories, ship-specific instruments and meters
Airport special equipment
Special equipment for aerodromes and fields
Diving and underwater rescue equipment
Diving suit decompression chamber underwater lighting lifesaving equipment salvage equipment diving gas supply equipment diving communication device underwater working tool underwater detection equipment