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Instrumentation [25 small categories]

Refers to the appliances or devices used to check, measure, control, analyze, calculate and display the physical quantity, chemical quantity, biomass quantity, electrical parameter, geometric quantity and movement status of the measured object, with automatic control, alarm, signal transmission and Data processing functions

Measurement Standard Appliance
Thermal measuring instrument, mechanical measuring instrument, acoustic measuring instrument, optical measuring instrument, electromagnetic measuring instrument, geometric measuring instrument, physical and chemical measuring instrument, radio measuring instrument, ionizing radiation measuring instrument, time-frequency measuring instrument
Water meter, energy meter, gas meter, heat meter, flow meter, temperature and humidity meter, pressure measuring instrument, pressure measuring instrument, liquid level meter, material level meter, counter, timer, other measuring instruments
Measuring instrument
Ruler Caliper Angle Ruler Depth Micrometer Level Gauge, Level Gauge Gauge Altimeter, Height Ruler Flat Color Scale Color Chi Square Box V- Round Roundness Meter CMM Altimeter Comparator Building Detector
Industry-specific instruments
Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery instruments, geological exploration and seismic instruments, electrostatic test instruments, chemical instruments, vibrometers, electric spark detectors, communication detection instruments, torque limiters, vibration meters, torque limiters, ship-specific instruments
Optical Instruments
Telescope Magnifier Optical Microscope Electron Microscope Industrial Camera Astronomy Instrument Optical Measuring Instrument Physical Optical Instrument Theodolite \ Level Gauge Night Vision Instrument Assembled Optical Element / Parts Other Optical Instruments
Analytical Instruments
Gas analysis instrument Water quality analyzer / COD detector Optical analysis instrument Electrochemical analysis instrument Carbon and sulfur analyzer Sulfur analyzer Combustion efficiency analyzer Calorimeter Physical property analyzer Other analysis instruments
Electrical instrumentation
Multimeter shake meter clamp meter bridge resistance box galvanometer electric energy meter potentiometer voltage measurement instrument parameter test instrument frequency measurement instrument magnetic instrument current measurement instrument resistance measurement instrument power measurement instrument
Electronic measuring instrument
Signal generator oscilloscope field strength meter integrated circuit test LCR meter static tester parameter measuring instrument component tester graphic instrument total station field strength scanner frequency analyzer network analyzer spectrum analyzer
Mechanical quantity measuring instrument
Dynamometer range finder thickness meter speed meter tachometer torque meter other mechanical quantity measuring instrument
Nondestructive testing equipment
Thickness Gauge, Leak Detector, Ultrasonic Detector, Flaw Detector, Coating Detector, Endoscope Roughness Meter, Other Nondestructive Testing Instruments
Meteorological instrument
Anemometer , anemometer, other meteorological instrument, cloud gauge, rain gauge, water level gauge, visibility meter, temperature and humidity meter
Environmental testing equipment
Gas detection instrument ROHS detection instrument Water quality analyzer / COD detection instrument Environmental pollution monitoring instrument Ozone detector Dust sampler Noise meter
Indoor environmental testing equipment
Formaldehyde detection equipment, benzene detection equipment, ray detection equipment, VOC detection equipment, ammonia detector, disinfection machine, other indoor environmental protection detection equipment
Glass instrument
Beaker flask dish tube bottle / bucket complete set of equipment supporting instrument vacuum instrument standard grinding mouth instrument floating meter sand core filter other glass instrument
Biological instrument
Chemical Analyzer Fermenter Low Temperature Refrigerator Amplifier / PCR Instrument Freeze Dryer / Microplate Reader / Washing Machine Other Biological Instruments
Car instrument
Odometer Water temperature gauge Barometer Oil pressure gauge Oil level gauge Car sensor Oil temperature gauge Fuel gauge Tachometer Speedometer Electric vehicle instrument Motorcycle instrument Other vehicle instrument
Other instruments and parts
Instrument box, instrument case, instrument panel, other instruments and accessories, accessories, instrument box
Laboratory glass instrument laboratory analysis instrument experimental test chamber vacuum measuring instrument pipette balance instrument
Testing Machine
Automobile test equipmentBalance machineHardness testerFatigue testerPressure testerAbrasion testerUniversal testerProcess testerMaterial testerTensile testerShock testerVibration tester
Test chamber and environmental test equipment
Damp heat test box constant temperature test box high and low temperature test box dry test box sterilization box aging test box salt spray test box corrosion test box combustion / flame test equipment incubator other test chambers and climate equipment
Automotive testing equipment
Brake system testing equipment, tire pressure gauge locator, automobile testing test bench, automobile testing endoscope, other automobile testing equipment
Electronic scale floor scale / ground scale truck scale quantitative scale track scale belt scale platform scale hanging scale batching scale other scales and accessories
Temperature sensor Humidity sensor Pressure sensor Vision, image sensor Displacement sensor Weighing sensor Flow sensor Speed sensor Sound wave sensor Vibration sensor Gas sensor Proximity sensor
Level transmitter Level transmitter Temperature transmitter Dew point transmitter Pressure transmitter Gas transmitter Flow transmitter Differential pressure transmitter Electricity transmitter Capacitive transmitter Other transmitters
Industrial automation instruments and systems
Display instrument flow instrument temperature and humidity instrument pressure instrument liquid level instrument actuator material level instrument recorder adjustment control instrument centralized control device pneumatic and electric unit combination instrument base instrument adjustment control instrument