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Culture, education and office supplies [17 small categories]

It refers to basic stationery, paper, writing pens, booklets and other basic cultural and educational office supplies, as well as financial and accounting supplies such as seals and bill holders; desk supplies such as glue, staplers; marking supplies such as badges and signs; award supplies such as trophies and pennants. Also includes office furniture.

Office supplies
Toner Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Ink Ribbons / Ribbon Core Attendance Cards , Plastic Film Binding Clips, Bindings, Aprons, Discs, Blank Cassettes, Disk Slides, Projector Lamps
office furniture
Office table, desk, computer desk, conference table, executive desk, executive chair, office chair, computer chair, conference chair, visitor chair, office sofa, safe, filing cabinet, filing cabinet, office cabinet , locker, other office furniture
Schoolbag, stationery box, book cover / book cover , bookmarks, bookshelf, ruler, compass, drawing template, writing board, stationery set, red scarf, other stationery and accessories
Writing pen
Pencil ball-point pen, ballpoint pen signature pen / neutral pen phone pen / counter pen pen fluorescent note pen / 唛 克 笔 multifunctional electronic pen disposable pen advertising pen lacquer pen stamp pen erasable pen / hydrolytic pen multifunctional electronic pen
Art Pens and Supplies
Brush oil brush / paint brush watercolor crayon / oil pastel art paint coloring supplies canvas, drawing paper folder, drawing board, easel color pencil other art supplies
Writing accessories
Pencil case, pencil sharpener, pencil sharpener, refill, pen holder, pen, ink, ink, rubber, correction fluid, correction tape, other writing accessory
Office paper
Copy paper / printing paper, fax paper, cash register paper, photo paper , coding paper, corrugated paper, writing paper, color paper, drawing, drawing paper, loose-leaf, core paper, note paper, memo paper, thermal paper, inkjet paper labels
Books, books, books
Notepad Loose-leaf book Coil book Inner album Photo album Philatelic books Classmates Phone book / Address book Stationery / Manuscript paper Exercise book Universal manual Envelope Other books, books, books
Accounting supplies
Seal Seal Pad Seal Box Ink pad / Ink pad book and account sponge sponge bills / cheque note holder / cheque folder copy paper exercise certificate calculator accounting report / voucher abacus portable vault / cash box other financial accounting supplies
Desk supplies
Glue, Paste Sticks / Solid Glue Stationery Tape Double-sided Adhesive Tape Seat Note Box Needle, Nail Clipper Scissors Staple Remover Stapler / Desk Calendar Other Desk Supplies
Marking supplies
Sign Badge / Card Holder Easy Pull / Easy Buckle Sign Room Card VIP Card Other Marking Supplies
Reward supplies
Trophy awards medals, medals, pennants certificates and their skins, pedestal award boxes, and other award supplies
Document Management Supplies
Folder file box / file box file bag file basket file bag / file bag file protection film / set of other file management supplies
Business card management supplies
Business card book / bag, business card holder, business card holder, business card holder, business card holder
Software Products
Education software games entertainment software office software tools software industry software system software antivirus software management software financial software stocks software intranet security software web filtering software
Glass instrument
Beakers, flasks, dishes, bottles / buckets, complete sets of instruments, vacuum instruments, sand core filters, standard ground-mouth instruments, float meters, and other glass instruments
Other office supplies
Invitation signature book globe key holder and key box magnet and magnetic stripe writing pad other office supplies