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Food and beverages [22 categories]

Mainly include: rice noodles, edible oil, snack foods, beverages, wine, tea, instant foods, condiments, dairy products, beverages, meat and aquatic products, nutrition products, etc.

Rice starch
Noodles rice starch starch sugar noodles milled flour cereals fans, noodles, noodles other noodle products
Meat and meat products
Raw fresh meat, cured meat, salted meat, smoked barbecued meat, dried meat, deep-fried sausages , ham, meatballs, skewers, pork, other meat and meat products
Aquatic products and products
Fresh / Frozen Aquatic Dried Aquatic Products Salted Aquatic Products Surimi Products Oils and Products Flavored Fish Products Raw Food Aquatic Products
Canned food
Canned Livestock Canned Poultry Canned Aquatic Canned Vegetables Canned Fruit Canned Nuts Canned Cereals Canned Edible Fungi Other Canned Foods
Convenience and frozen food
Instant noodles, convenient staple food, cooking, semi-finished products, prepared foods, frozen rice noodles, foods, frozen vegetables, frozen meat products, cooked frozen meat products, other convenience and frozen foods
Snacks and baked goods
Bread biscuits, pancakes, candy, jelly pudding, puffed crisps, candied fruits, western pastries, Chinese pastries, cocoa and roasted coffee, chocolates and products, dried fruits, nuts, dried goods, dried meat, dried meat, and dried meat.
Potato, Vegetables and Fruit Products
Pickled vegetables, dried vegetables, edible fungi products, soybean products, potato products, pulp, flour, puree, other potato vegetables
Dairy and cold drinks
Liquid milk powder milk products cold drinks infant formula milk powder other dairy products and cold drinks
Poultry eggs and egg products
Eggs duck eggs goose eggs other poultry eggs egg products quail eggs
Cooking oil
Edible fat products Edible animal fats Other edible oils
Edible fungi
Shiitake Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus Flammulina Mushroom Tea Tree Mushroom Hericium Mushroom Chicken Leg Mushroom Straw Mushroom Chicken Leg Mushroom Bai Ling Mushroom Xiu Zhen Mushroom Shimeji Mushroom Bolete Mushroom Fungus Agaricus Mushroom Mushroom Ash Tree Flower Other Edible Mushrooms
Brewed vinegar preparation of vinegar soy sauce MSG, chicken essence sesame oil / sesame oil molasses sauce sauce jam seasoning oil, sauce seasoning powder / seasoning seasoning wine other seasonings
fresh fruits
Watermelon papaya cantaloupe melon apple grape date pear lemon orange, tangerine, pomelo banana pineapple lychee mango cherry peach plum apricot bayberry strawberry kiwi persimmon longan cane hawthorn
fresh vegetables
Leafy vegetables, bamboo shoots, roots, rhizomes, vegetables, pods, cauliflower, eggplants, onions, garlic, peppers, aquatic vegetables , wild vegetables, other vegetables
Health products
Vitamins and minerals enhance immunity, anti-fatigue, regulate blood lipids, blood pressure and blood pressure, improve memory, sleep, anti-radiation, nourish qi, gastrointestinal health care products, medicinal wine, health wine to delay aging, protect liver, kidney, beauty, slimming, weight loss
Nutritional catering food honey nutrition products
Baby food
Infant food supplement infant formula
Local specialties and other foods
Local specialty foods
Packaged Drinking Water Carbonated Beverage / Soda Tea Beverage 100% Fruit & Vegetable Juice Fruit & Vegetable Drink Protein Drink Solid Drink Coffee Drink Plant Drink Flavored Drink Functional Drink Other Drinks
Green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, black tea, scented tea / flower tea, teabag, squeeze tea, tea product, substitute tea, green tea, other tea
Chinese Liquor Wine / Red Wine Fruit Wine Beer Rice Wine Medicinal Wine, Health Wine, Other Wine
Cigarette, cigar
Cigar Cigar