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Business and consumer services [19 small categories]

It mainly includes corporate information providing business and consumer services.

Construction industry
Civil Engineering Building Construction Installation Architectural Decoration Survey Design Design Construction Supervision Project Contracting Engineering Greening Projects Other Construction Projects Contracting
Warehouse logistics
Rail transportation, road transportation, domestic water transportation, postal delivery, warehousing, loading, handling, transportation agency services, international shipping, domestic air transportation, international air transportation, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, e-commerce distribution
Accommodation, Catering, Tourism
Accommodation Services Catering Services Resort Ticketing Services Domestic Travel Outbound Travel Other Travel Services
Information Technology
Software Development Internet Service Network Engineering
Financial Services
Securities insurance financing guarantee foreign exchange credit bank funds other financial services
Real estate
Property Management Real Estate Agency Building Cleaning Professional Cleaning Real Estate Consulting Real Estate
business services
Legal Services Translation Services Certification Services Financial Accounting Public Relations Planning Intellectual Property Occupation Agency Security Services Photography Services Trademark Registration Company Registration Services Secretary Services Finance & Tax Auditing Relocation
Education and training
Vocational training development training management training language training qualification examination training computer IT training experiential training training consultant / lecturer training company / institution other education training
Technical Services
Agricultural technical service testing service Environmental monitoring technology promotion and transfer of professional technical services Other technical services
Intermediary service
Overseas study agency immigration visa agency labor service agency job recruitment service real estate agency project agency other agency service
Consulting survey
Image planning management consulting technology consulting trade consulting investment consulting market research financial consulting business consulting engineering project consulting other consulting planning
Expo Services
Conference, conference, exhibition, design, production, booth, hardware, building materials, construction, machinery, industrial equipment, clothing, textile, leather, electronics, communication, information, food, beverage, agricultural, chemical, energy, environmental protection, auto, motorcycle, and accessories
Culture Media Entertainment Industry
Performance ticket brokerage service, sports organization, performance service, film and television program production, research institutes, social groups, sports and leisure travel clubs, auction services, sports and leisure travel clubs
Repair and recycling
Automobile and motorcycle repair machinery and equipment maintenance Office equipment maintenance Waste resources recycling Other repair services
Creative Design Services
Industrial Design Services Clothing Design Graphic Audit Packaging Design Decoration Design Architecture & Model Design Other Creative Designs
Import and export services
Import and export full set of agentsQuota servicesPurchasing agentsDocument servicesCustoms clearance servicesTax refund services
Resident Services
Housekeeping cleaning matchmaking marriage daily repair moving service marriage consultation
Industry Professional Training
CAD / CAM design training CNC machine tool programming training Professional training in other industries