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Electronic components [29 small categories]

It refers to electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, inductors, transmitters, sensors, protection devices, display devices, and sensitive components such as temperature, humidity, gas, force, magnetic, and light.

integrated circuit
SCM register memory amplifier gate circuit trigger counter encoder decoder stabilization circuit LED chip flash circuit linear circuit power amplifier circuit time base
Safety capacitor paint capacitor Farad capacitor alloy electrolytic capacitor film capacitor chip capacitor titanium electrolytic capacitor aluminum electrolytic capacitor tantalum electrolytic capacitor glass glaze capacitor gas capacitor
Temperature sensor Humidity sensor Pressure sensor Displacement sensor Load cell Photoelectric sensor Speed sensor Hall sensor Vibration sensor Gas sensor Proximity sensor Voltage sensor
Light emitting diode / LED ordinary diode rectifier diode bidirectional triggering diode switch diode varactor diode laser diode Schottky diode chip diode zener diode
Semiconductor Triode Photosensitive Triode Magnetic Triode Chip Triode
Junction field effect tube
Card holder sheath terminal plug socket simple cattle / horn horn pin header / female header / cable terminal block / terminal block crocodile clip / spring clip / battery clip harness / connecting wire / terminal wire terminal board adapter
Protection device
Lightning arrester discharge tube suppressor fuse tube fuse / fuse surge protection ESC protection overheat protection fuse holder / fuse box overcurrent protector fuse resistor / fuse resistor
Electro-acoustic equipment
Speaker Receiver Buzzer Microphone Microphone Pickup Other electroacoustic components and accessories
Inductive components
Core inductors, magnetic beads, power inductors, inductors, chip inductors, transformers for electronic equipment, transformers for electronic equipment, other inductive components
Resistors and potentiometers
Fixed resistor potentiometer / varistor photoresistor / light pipe thermistor gas thermistor varistor wet thermistor chip / chip resistor / SMT magnetoresistor fuse resistor / protective resistor
Dew point transmitter Capacitive transmitter Liquid level transmitter Level transmitter Electricity transmitter Temperature transmitter Differential pressure transmitter Pressure transmitter
Display device
Digital tube LCD series products LED / LED LED screen Other display devices Display related components Other LED products
Chip components
Chip Capacitor Chip Inductor Chip Diode Chip Triode Chip / SMD Resistor / SMT
Electronic circuit heat sink
Radiator fan and other cooling elements
Frequency element
Oscillator filter resonator tuner, tuner and other frequency components
Temperature sensitive element
Thermistor temperature sensitive diode platinum resistance element other temperature sensitive element
Humidity sensor
Other humidity-sensitive components
Photosensitive element
Photoresistor / Phototube Photosensitive / Photodiode Phototransistor Photocell Other Photosensitive Devices
Magnetic sensor
Magnetron / Magnetoresistive ResistorMagnetic DiodeMagnetic Transistor / Transistor Hall Element
Pressure sensitive element
Transient voltage suppression diode of varistor gas discharge tube Other varistor element
Force-sensing element
Resistance strain gauge / resistance strain gauge
Gas sensor
Gas-sensitive resistor, gas-sensitive diode, hydrogen-sensitive MOS field effect tube, other gas-sensitive element
Inverter Power / Inverter
Vehicle-mounted inverter grid-connected inverter
Optoelectronic devices
CCD laser head laser laser power optical attenuator photocoupler optical module photoelectric repeater photoelectric isolator photoelectric adapter optical transmitting device optical receiving device
Electronics and Functional Equipment
MagnetElectromagnet temperature measuring material Resistive material Permanent magnet material Soft magnetic material Elastic material Conductive material Semiconductor material Optical material Inorganic composite material Superhard material Artificial crystal Monocrystalline silicon / polycrystalline silicon
Power semiconductor equipment
Rectifier Power Thyristor Power Transistor Power MOSFET / Power MOSFET Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor / IGBT Other Power Semiconductor Devices
Power integration equipment
Voltage stabilizer, voltage regulator, rectifier, inverter, active filter, reactive power generator, dynamic voltage restorer, intelligent power module, other power integration and equipment
Electronic hardware
Contacts , Probes, Probes, Core Brackets, Connecting Pad Washers, Other Electronic Hardware
Other electronic components
Switch circuit board attenuator thyristor / triac electronic contactor relay for electronic equipment other electronic components