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Electrical equipment, cable lighting [9 small categories]

Refers to some commonly used electrical equipment, including electric light sources, lamps, cables, integrated wiring, fiber optic equipment, batteries and other equipment, and switches, sockets, plugs, insulation materials, electrical hardware and other electrical materials.

Electrical materials
Electrician switch plug fixed socket wire tube / sleeve trunking wire buckle installation box crocodile clip power metal fitting electrical insulation tape electrician electrical accessories industrial socket / coupling connector mobile socket / plug-in board / row
Wire and Cable
Bare wire winding wire / electromagnetic wire power cable communication, data cable electronic wire electrical equipment cable special wire cable wire cable accessory other wire cable
Integrated wiring and fiber optic equipment
Distribution frame jumper frame cable management rack wiring tool fiber optic cable fiber jumper fiber connector fiber coupler network cable / twisted pair crystal head information panel information module network cabinet cable laying tool
Insulation Materials
Insulation Paper Insulator Insulation Sleeve Insulation Tape Insulation Board Insulation Strip Mica Sheet Insulation Isolation Column Electric Insulation Tape Other Insulation Materials
light source
Incandescent lamp Energy-saving lamp Sodium lamp Mercury lamp Fluorescent lamp / Fluorescent lamp LED lamp Bead Xenon lamp Halogen tungsten lamp Metal halide lamp Neon lamp / Neon EL EL light- emitting diode
Electric light source material
Fluorescent powder / luminous powder filament stem other electric light source materials
LED lamps, indoor lamps, outdoor lamps, professional lamps, flashlights, national festival lights, other lamps
Lighting Accessories
Lampholders, Lampholders, Lampposts, Lampposts, Lampposts, Lampshades, Light Sources, Trigger Starters / Starters, Ballasts, Lamp Regulators, Lightbox Light Controllers, Other Lighting Accessories
Primary battery / Dry battery Accumulator Lithium battery Button battery Photocell Standard battery Fuel cell Solar cell, Panel Ni-MH battery Ni-Cd battery Battery accessories and material charger Other batteries