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Tools [28 small categories]

Refers to small equipment with low purchase price and short service life, which are low value consumables. Mainly include: general hand tools, electricians, fitters, plumbers, wiring, lifting, agricultural garden tools, power tools, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, abrasive tools, trucks, station appliances, material containers, etc.

Universal hand tools
Saws, chisels, tweezers, pliers, hammers, axes, scissors, wrenches, torque wrenches, screwdrivers, screwdrivers , pumps, manual air pump tool sets, toolboxes
Fitter plumber tools
Taps, vices, files, scribes, punches, manual drills, plumber tools, other fitter tools
Cutting tool
Blade knife with drill reamer turning tool broach cutter tooth cutter hob tapper die planer boring cutter cutter punch saw blade saw blade tool accessories other cutting tools
Grinding wheel, Abrasive belt, Abrasive paper, Sand tile, Grinding head, Abrasive abrasive , Wire wheel, Polishing wheel, Cutting disc, Polishing paste, Impeller blade, Grinding stone and Whetstone dresser
Agriculture, forestry, fishery, gardening tools
Fork shovel, shovel, hoe sickle gardening shovel gardening shears sprayer manual rake agricultural knife seedling lifter / transplanter set gardening tool fishing tool other agriculture and forestry gardening tool
Civil and Diamond Tools
Shovel, trowel, trowel, steel spade, steel pick, steel drill, crowbar, diamond tool, other civil tools
Electrician tools
Hydraulic pliers electrician hammer electric knife electric iron measuring instrument / electric pen electrician special pliers electrician tool set, toolbox other electrician tools
Wiring tools
Fiber splicer network tester fiber stripping pliers fiber cutting tools fiber cable tools other wiring tools
Cable laying tools
Pulley wire trough shear traction machine traction coil power spool reel stand
Pneumatic and hydraulic tools
Cutting hammer type pneumatic tool sanding type pneumatic tool assembly type pneumatic tool spray type pneumatic tool hydraulic tool
Lifting tools
Jack Lifting Hoist Lifting Pulley Lifter Lifting Clamp Wire Rope / Cable Other Lifting Parts
electrical tools
Cutting Hammering Power Tools Sanding Power Tools Assembly Power Tools Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Mine Power Tools, Other Power Tools
Welding auxiliary equipment and tools
Welding head, welding station, welding clamp, welding torch, cutting torch, cutting tip, soldering pen, solder, electric iron, gas welding, cutting auxiliary equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding labor protection, other welding auxiliary equipment and tools
Spraying tools
Watering can grease gun manual spray gun pneumatic spray tool spray tool accessories other spray tools
Inspection fixture assembly fixture tooling fixture welding fixture universal fixture universal adjustable fixture fixture
Station appliances
Workbench tool cabinet / tool rack cabinet safety cabinet material finishing rack other station appliances
Auto maintenance tools
Hot Air Gun Leak Detector Auto Maintenance Wrench Auto Maintenance Sleeve Auto Maintenance Clamp Class Auto Maintenance Tool Set Other Auto Maintenance Tools
Lubrication tools
Oil gun oil cup oil standard workshop oil pot
Anti-static and dust-free products
Anti-static clothing and accessories, anti-static tools, consumables , dust-free paper, wipes, clean room consumables, industrial sticky supplies, ion air guns, static elimination, generators
Tool consumables
Drill punch, abrasive wheel, abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, abrasive belt, saw blade, cutting blade, hole opener, wire wheel, polishing wheel, polishing paste, impeller blade, other tools, consumables
Material container, storage equipment
Parts box / material box turnover box tray
Truck / handling equipment
Trolley Tool Cart Tool Cart Pallet / Pallet Truck
Measuring instrument
Ruler Caliper Angle Ruler Depth Micrometer Level Gauge, Level Gauge Gauge Altimeter, Height Ruler Flat Color Scale Color Chi Square Box V- Round Roundness Meter CMM Altimeter Comparator Building Detector
Hair styling tools
Electric hair clippers / hair clippers, hair clippers, hair clippers, hair clippers, hair combs , hair clips, wigs, electric hair dryers , hair towels, hair caps, heating caps, oil caps , hair curlers , hair curlers, other hair styling supplies, appliances
Rescue tool
Cutting machine cutter retractor crowbar crowbar axe demolition tool lifting air cushion portable multifunctional pliers non-spark electric saw hydraulic door opener other rescue tools
Optics and Optician Tools
Vision Inspection Apparatus Optician Tools Optical Cleaning Tools Optical Coating Tools Other Optical Tools
Special tools for fire and explosion protection
Fire axe, fire hook, explosion-proof wrench, explosion-proof hammer, other fire and explosion-proof special tools
Clock tools
Clock Mirror Remover Other Clock Tools