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MRO consumables [20 small categories]

MRO: Maintenance, Repair, Operation. Usually refers to the materials and services that do not directly constitute the product in the actual production process and are only used for maintenance, repair, and operation of the equipment. MRO refers to industrial supplies that are not raw materials in production. Including: lubricants and other chemicals.

Coal solid fuel petroleum fuel gas fuel liquid fuel coke and by-products
Welding consumables
Welding wire, flux, solder, solder paste, soldering flux, other welding consumables
Die plastic mold die forging die casting mold powder metallurgy mold glass product mold rubber mold ceramic mold forming mold injection mold mold standard parts mold equipment model hand drawing die automotive mold
Tool consumables
Sandpaper, Abrasive belt, Abrasive drill, Punches, Grinding wheels, Cutting blades, Openers, Wire wheels, Polishing wheels, Polishing pastes, Saw blades, Blade wheels, Blades, Other tools, Consumables
Lubrication tools
Oil gun oil cup oil standard workshop oil pot
Spray-sputtered material
Thermal spray material sputtering target
Labor insurance supplies
Protective cap / hard hat protective gloves protective shoes protective clothing fire clothing protective mask protective glasses eye protection protective earplugs ear protection protective mask mask eyewash safety net safety belt, safety rope climbing board / foot buckle
Anti-static and dust-free products
Anti-static clothing and accessories, anti-static tools, consumables , dust-free paper, wipes, clean rooms, consumables, industrial sticky supplies, ion air guns, static elimination, generator static testing instruments
Station appliances
Workbench tool cabinet / tool rack cabinet safety cabinet material finishing rack other station appliances
Screen filter cartridge filter membrane filter paper filter cloth filter element filter plate filter bag filter bag filter cotton other filter accessories
Electrical insulation tape stationery tape double-sided tape harness tape raw tape conductive tape bundling packaging tape decorative tape warning tape / identification tape connection tape / connection tape anticorrosive tape / pipe tape other tape
Chemical consumables
Adhesive Detergent / Cleaning agent Refrigerant / Refrigerant metal processing, surface treatment fluid Industrial repair agent Stone protector Lubricant (grease) Lubricant (grease) / Industrial oil (grease)
Chemical reagent
General inorganic reagents General organic reagents Analytical reagents Biochemical reagents Other chemical reagents
Chemical storage and leakage control
Chemical storage cabinet / container waste collection product leakage adsorption product plugging tool leakage tray / platform / tray
Truck / handling equipment
Trolley truck / pallet truck tool cart tool cart
Industrial belt
Transmission belt conveyor belt mesh belt
Glass instrument
Beaker flask dish tube bottle / bucket meter float gauge sand core filter complete set of equipment supporting instrument vacuum instrument standard grinding mouth instrument
First aid supplies
First Aid Stretcher Medicine and Health Box / First Aid Kit Eye Wash Liquid Eye Wash