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Construction equipment [12 small categories]

Refers to equipment installed in buildings to provide convenience, comfort and safety for people to live, live and work. It mainly includes the following aspects: water supply and drainage, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air purification, fire protection, security, elevators and other equipment.

Heating equipment
Radiator / heater heater
Ventilation equipment
Air vent damper Other ventilation equipment
Pipeline system
Water supply system Drainage system Hot and cold water system Gas system Pipeline auxiliary materials Other pipeline systems
Water supply and drainage equipment
Cooling tower inspection well water treatment equipment heating heat storage equipment rainwater utilization equipment pressure adjustment storage equipment swimming pool amusement pool equipment other equipment and equipment
Air conditioning equipment
Combined air-conditioning unit air heat exchanger humidification equipment dehumidification equipment muffler fan coil unit induction variable air volume terminal device precision air-conditioning air-air heat recovery unit
Air purification equipment
Air filter, air purifier, fresh air system, air blowing shower room, air shower room clean room, clean room , clean room , dust-free workbench, other air purification equipment
Integrated wiring and fiber optic equipment
Distribution frame jumper frame cable management rack wiring tool fiber optic cable fiber jumper fiber connector fiber coupler network cable / twisted pair crystal head information panel information module network cabinet cable laying tool
Fire Equipment
Water gun fire extinguisher automatic fire extinguishing equipment smoke generator indoor fire hydrant outdoor fire hydrant fire detector fire alarm device / bell fire automatic alarm system fixed fire extinguishing system gas alarm / detector
Parking management equipment
Intelligent parking management system Mechanical parking equipment Card reader / Issuer / Ticket box gate / Car stopper License plate recognition camera Vehicle detector Anti-collision facilities Other parking management equipment
Security monitoring equipment
Smart Card Video Surveillance System Access Control Attendance Attendance Equipment, System Security Explosion-proof Equipment Gas Alarm / Detector Burglar Alarm System / Equipment Building Intercom System Electronic Patrol Products Other Video Surveillance Equipment
Elevators and escalators
Elevator / Passenger / Cargo Escalator Escalator Elevator Accessories Other Elevators
Smart home products
Smart Lock Video Intercom System Smart Home System