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General machinery and equipment [35 small categories]

General machinery and equipment refers to production and processing equipment suitable for various industries in the manufacturing industry. Mainly include pumps, machine tools, boilers, vacuum equipment, fans, packaging machinery, material handling, reaction equipment, welding equipment, industrial furnaces, and separation, mixing, drying, crushing, disinfection, air separation, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Pumps and valves
PumpVacuum pumpCentrifugal pumpMixed flow pumpReciprocating pumpMetering pump
Metal cutting machine tools
Lathe, Drilling Machine, Boring Machine, Grinder, Gear Processing Machine, Thread Processing Machine, Milling Machine, Planer, Broaching Machine, Sawing Machine, Pipe Processing Machine, Combined Machine Tool, Machining Center, Other Metal Cutting Machine
Forging machine
Punch machine press hydraulic press automatic forging press forging hammer forging machine shearing machine bending correction machine rolling machine other forging machine
Special processing machine
Electro-discharge machining machine, electrolytic machining machine, laser machining machine, quenching machine, composite machining machine, wire cutting machine, heat treatment machine, other special machining machine
Machine tool accessories
Tool holder milling head and plug tip, thimble indexing head, indexer chuck, chuck , chuck, machine tool table, suction cup, boring head, and multi-axis tool holder, fixture, measuring instrument, machine tool, work light
Cutting tool
Drill Reamer Turning Tool Broach Mill Tooth Knife Hob Tap Taper Planer Saw Blade Saw Blade Other Cutting Tools Knife Boring Blade Blade With Tool Accessory Cutter Punch
Vacuum acquisition and application equipment
Vacuum pump, vacuum unit, vacuum coating machine, vacuum impregnation equipment, vacuum furnace, vacuum freeze dryer, vacuum precooler, vacuum conveyor, vacuum feeder, vacuum distillation equipment, vacuum packaging machine
Fan equipment
Air compressor, ventilator, blower, industrial fan, industrial exhaust hood, negative pressure fan, air curtain, wind blade, other fan, duct, ion fan, fan equipment, accessories, roots blower, fan coil unit
Crushing equipment, pulverizer
Crusher, sand mill, ball mill, air mill, mechanical pulverizer, low temperature pulverizer, ultrafine pulverizer, other pulverizer
Gas generation and separation equipment
Gas generator air separation equipment / oxygen generation mechanism nitrogen mechanism hydrogen machine gas purification equipment gas liquefaction equipment gasification equipment other air separation equipment
Refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration unit, refrigeration compressor, cooling tower, ice maker, chiller, cold storage, other refrigeration equipment, refrigerator, heat pump, cooler, quick freezer, water spraying device, refrigerant / refrigerant refrigeration accessories
Filtering and screening equipment
Filter Filter Centrifuge, Separator Oil Filter Oil Filter Filter Cyclone Membrane Separation Equipment Screening Equipment Filtering Accessories Defoamer Filter Press Other Filtering and Screening Equipment
Heat treatment equipment
Heat treatment resistance furnace heating device fluid particle furnace heat treatment bath furnace controllable atmosphere generating device fuel furnace surface oxidation device quenching cooling equipment vapor deposition device other heat treatment equipment
Welding riveting and cutting equipment
Arc welding machine resistance welding machine, bump welding machine laser welding machine and cutting machine stud welding machine friction welding machine ultrasonic welding machine flame cutting machine plasma arc cutting machine riveting equipment plastic welding machinery welding consumables
Boiler and prime mover
Boiler internal combustion engine steam turbine gas turbine boiler auxiliary machine boiler accessories burner
Heat transfer equipment
Cooler heater evaporator condenser reboiler heat exchanger separator condenser flame arrester other heat transfer equipment
Reaction equipment
Reaction kettle tube reactor tank reactor tower reactor fermentation and extraction equipment electrolytic tank other reaction equipment
Mass transfer equipment / tower equipment
Plate tower packing tower absorber other mass transfer equipment
Separation equipment
Thickener separator crystallizer extraction equipment / extraction tower distillation distillation equipment vacuum distillation equipment
Mixing equipment
Mixer, mixer, disperser, kneader, homogenizer, emulsifier, mixer, mixing container, other mixing equipment
Industrial furnace
Furnace for the electronics industry Furnace smelting furnace Heating and holding furnace Petrochemical furnace Drying furnace Incinerator Sintering furnace Induction furnace Hot air furnace Arc furnace Other furnaces
Drying equipment
Freeze dryer / fluidized bed dryer spray dryer air dryer rotary flash dryer drum dryer belt dryer microwave dryer drum dryer boiling drying mechanism pellet dryer vacuum dryer / device
Material handling and storage equipment
Transportation Dosing Equipment Conveying Machinery Handling Machinery Forklift / Industrial Vehicle Feeding Machinery Storage Equipment Handling Equipment Lifting Machinery Lifting Tools Port Loading Machinery Other Material Handling Machinery
Storage equipment
Container storage tank bottle body pressure container turnover container container bag container drum / tank inflatable bag other storage and transportation equipment
Packaging Machinery
Filling machineFilling machineSealing machineWrapping machineBundling machine / Bundler labeling machineConditionerVacuum packaging machineInflatable packaging machineCoder / Marking machineHot melt glue machineInkjet printerNumbering machine / Line number machineFlocking machineHot Shrink packaging machine
Disinfection equipment
Ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization equipment Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment Boiling / cooking sterilizer Dry heat sterilization equipment Microwave sterilization equipment Steam sterilizer Commercial sterilization cabinet Quick cooling sterilizer Ozone sterilization equipment Photocatalyst disinfection equipment
Cleaning and perfumery equipment
High pressure washer Ultrasonic cleaning equipment Steam cleaning machine Perfume machine cleaning equipment Other cleaning equipment
Air purification equipment
Air filter clean room / clean room other air purification equipment fresh air system air shower room / air shower room clean and dust-free workbench air purifier
Surface treatment and coating equipment
Spraying equipment, electrophoresis equipment, drying curing equipment, vacuum coating machine, chemical plating equipment, electroplating equipment, baking equipment, baking room hot dip plating equipment, glass surface treatment equipment
Industrial control system and equipment
PLC / programmable control system DCS / decentralized control system industrial control machine / IPC fieldbus / FCS servo system human-machine interface protector industrial robot manipulator other industrial control systems and equipment
Foundry equipment
Sand Processing Equipment Modeling Core Making Equipment Casting Cleaning Equipment Metal Mold Equipment Sand Falling Machine Melting Equipment Melting Pouring Equipment Cupola Furnace Air Volume Wind Pressure Detector Other Casting Equipment
Die plastic mold die forging die casting mold powder metallurgy mold glass product mold rubber mold ceramic mold forming mold injection mold mold standard parts mold equipment model hand drawing die automotive mold
Pneumatic Components
After cooler gas tank main filter air motor air source processor cylinder pneumatic joint pneumatic hose vacuum generator other pneumatic components
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, other hydraulic components, hydraulic joints, hydraulic fittings
electric motor
DC Motor Asynchronous Motor / Induction Motor Synchronous Motor Micro Motor Low Power Motor Motor Accessories Stepper Motor Self-Angle Electromechanical Brush Linear Motor Ultrasonic Motor Explosion-proof Motor AC / DC Motor